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Cryo Treatment

If you have skin tags, warts, or similar lesions, cryo treatment can relieve uncomfortable symptoms and improve the appearance of your skin. Cryo treatment is pain-free, causes no bleeding, and provides permanent results. At PrudentMD, internal medicine physician Maitri Patel, MD, uses cryo treatment to remove benign skin lesions safely. Call the office or book online today to make an appointment in Iselin, New Jersey.

Cryo Treatment Q & A

What is cryo treatment?

Cryo treatment uses liquid nitrogen to freeze noncancerous skin lesions. Your provider at PrudentMD does cryo treatment during a quick outpatient visit. The lesion turns into a scab and falls off a week or two later.

What skin problems can benefit from cryo treatment?

PrudentMD uses cryo treatment to remove noncancerous skin growths, including:

  • Warts
  • Skin tags
  • Sunspots
  • Dermatofibromas (skin-colored or dark, soft, raised skin growths)
  • Hemangiomas (bright red skin lesions)
  • Seborrheic keratosis (dark-colored raised skin growths)

You might also be a candidate for cryo treatment if you have any of the above. 

What happens during cryo treatment?

The providers at PrudentMD do cryo treatment on-site. At the beginning of your appointment, your doctor examines your skin and asks about your symptoms. Next, they clean and sterilize the growths being treated.

After that, your PrudentMD provider points a hand-held device at your lesions. The device sprays liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius (minus 321 degrees Fahrenheit). The extreme subfreezing temperature causes the skin cells to die and a scab to form. Several weeks later, the lesion falls off. Some skin growths need 2-6 treatment sessions. 

What is recovery like after cryo treatment?

After cryo treatment, your skin turns red and may swell up. During the first two or three days, it’s normal to experience increased sensitivity, although most do not feel anything after the treatment. Be careful not to scratch or pick at the lesion. Allow it to scab over and heal. Keep the area clean and dry; you may use alcohol swabs in moist skin folds so that it doesn’t become infected.

Does cryo treatment provide lasting results?

Cryo treatment has very high success rates. Moreover, the treatment is noninvasive, and without much pain. 

Are there any risks involved in cryo treatment?

Cryo treatment is safe and usually very well-tolerated. If you experience an infection, ulcer , bleeding, or blister, contact your PrudentMD provider right away so that it can be treated appropriately. It’s also important to schedule a follow-up visit if the lesion is still present after first treatment as some need multiple treatments.  

Many insurance companies cover cryo treatment. CPT codes for the procedure are 17110 and 17111, which you can use to check if your insurance will cover the treatment.

To see if you can benefit from cryo treatment, make an appointment at PrudentMD. Call the office or book online today.

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